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Russell Hossain is the Executive Vice President - Mortgage Lending for Bank of Manhattan, NA. Mr. Hossain is responsible for all aspects of the Bank's mortgage origination business including marketing, production and operations. With over 18 years experience in the mortgage industry Russell has held positions in operations, secondary marketing and sales giving him a unique experience and understanding of the entire mortgage process.

Prior to joining Bank of Manhattan, Mr. Hossain was the National Sales Director for the Retail Division of a major Midwestern mortgage originator, and also served as Director of the firm's Wholesale Division; in these capacities Mr. Hossain steered the firm to substantial growth, making it one of the largest Mortgage Bankers in the U.S. Mr. Hossain's experience in the mortgage encompasses the entire mortgage origination process, with positions in Operations, Secondary Marketing and Sales. He has received numerous awards for his work, both for Customer Service and Management.

Mr. Hossain has a B.S. in Marketing and Management Information System at Minnesota State University (Winona, MN). He currently resides in Redondo Beach, CA with his wife and their three sons.